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סדרת‭ ‬הרצאות‭ ‬זום בתחום‭ ‬הדבוראות‭ ‬הטבעית‭

שמחים להזמינכם לסדרת‭ ‬הרצאות‭ ‬של‭ ‬ארבעה‭ ‬מהמרצים המובילים‭ ‬בתחום‭ ‬הדבוראות‭ ‬הטבעית‭ ‬וחקר‭ ‬הדבורים. 

ההרצאות יתקיימו באנגלית.

מחיר סדרת ההרצאות 90 שקלים לחברי עמותת דבוראות בת קיימא ו-120 שקלים לקהל הרחב.

חמישי | 20:00

Jenny Cullinan, Ujubee, S. Africa

Bee Conservation The Untold Story

Ujubee research the ecology, patterns and behaviour of wild bees and their importance to biodiversity. We look at the relationship and interdependence of bees to all other creatures within the wild nest and in the environment. Understanding this wild knowledge is vital to the conservation and protection of bees in wild spaces to ensure their continued survival and ours.


Jenny is the founder of Ujubee and she devotes her talks to raising awareness and support for the ongoing research and conservation work that she and Karin Sternberg of Ujubee do.

Heidi Herrmann, Natural Beekeeping Trust, UK

Learning from the bees - a life long challenge

Open conversation with Heidi about the bees and what we can learn from them.

חמישי | 20:00
חמישי | 20:00

Prof. Thomas Seeley, Cornell University, USA

Darwinian beekeeping

Darwinian beekeeping is an evolutionary approach to beekeeping, one that seeks to provide managed honey bee colonies with living conditions that are as close as possible to those of wild honey bee colonies. The goal is to harmonize our beekeeping methods with the natural history of Apis mellifera, and thus allow the bees to make full use of the toolkit of adaptations that they have evolved over the last 30 million years. Tom will review ways in which the living conditions of honey bees differ between wild and managed colonies. He will also show how we can pursue beekeeping in a way that is centered less on treating a bee colony as a honey factory and more on nurturing the lives of the bees.

חמישי | 20:00

Steve Rogenstein, Honey Bee Watch, Berlin

Honey Bee Watch:
How You Can Help Conserve Survivor Colonies

Steve Rogenstein founded The Ambeessadors ( with a dual mission: to connect the bee community and to spread awareness of and appreciation for the importance of bees — and other pollinators — through research, educational programs, events, the arts, advocacy, and more. Among other initiatives, he leads Honey Bee Watch (, a global citizen-science study to better understand the biological, behavioral, and environmental traits that encourage survivorship of free-living and untreated colonies.


Steve will introduce the project, share its vision, and explain how beekeepers, and ordinary citizens too, can participate in this multi-year study that strives to change our view about honey bees living with minimal human intervention.

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